Minimalist Wall Clock

Minimalist, Faceless Clock

Design: Chuck Krause
Model: The minimalist version of my "About Word Clock"
Dimensions: 15" diameter x 1.5" depth
Operation: Minute hand move every five minutes
Color: Gray front that only shows the current time
Power Supply: 5 volt
Cord Length: Six feet
Warranty: 1 year

Made to order. Ships in approximately seven days.
Custom larger sizes available.

Try the clock for 14 days. If you're unhappy, return for full refund.

The current time is the only image visible. All other time segments appear when needed. Time changes every five minutes. Silent running ( no hum or ticking).

Minimalist Clock Backstory:
Finished a new clock design that I've been working on for the past few months.
In the design process, I started with the question:
"What elements are really needed to show the time?"

I created different prototypes to test viewer interest. The design also had to tell time without any numbers, letters, hands, noise or hum. This final design presents a blank face, showing only the current time. Another challenge was to create a clock face that could be viewed in various lighting conditions.

Check out the video below to see the clock in action.
The finished clock has a  15" diameter and is only 1-3/8"  deep. Buttons on the back set the time. Clock blends nicely with any decor and is easily viewed during daylight or evening hours. One-year warranty.

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