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Melting Clock

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Time is Slipping Away.
Next time you're sitting around and chatting with friends just to pass the time, direct everyone's attention to your latest conversation starter, this novel melting timepiece.

Cleverly designed to capture the look of a plastic clock that's turning into a runny, molten glob, this is sure to put a smile on many faces while gently encouraging everyone to spend time with those they love most. That, essentially, translates into hanging out at your place more often.

- Sits on shelf
- Fully functioning clock
- Powered by 1 AA battery
- Measures 7" tall, 5.5" deep, 2" thick

Ticks and Tocks.
The melting clock is a fully functioning time-teller. Powered by a single AA battery, it displays the current time using an hours hand and a minutes hand. It keeps accurate time over many years, and rarely needs a new battery. A traditional wheel on the back of the unit lets you adjust the time with old-time ease, so after all is said and done, it can serve as another everyday clock.

Shelf It to Show It.
The clock's angled design adds to the melting effect. Instead of hanging it on the wall, place it on a shelf so that it seems to be slipping off the edge. It fits just right in bookcases, on kitchen counters, in the pantry, and on windowsills. You can even use it as a book stop, thanks to its rigid plastic construction. Two supporting pegs can be found on the back of the unit, which rest the clock against walls or cabinets and keep it sitting pretty.