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Rainer Glass Cherries

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Donald Carlson's Glass Cherries. Only Three Left.

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These beautiful pieces are a new addition to Donald Carlson's line of cherries. Each glass cherry is carefully blasted with crushed glass to produce a stunning satin finish. They are then coated to prevent smudging and fingerprinting. To clean just use a soft cloth, no chemicals. Delicious!

Rainer cherries with satin finish.
Small: $180.
Overall height (including stem): 6"
Diameter of cherry: 2-1/2"

Medium: $210.
Overall height (including stem): 8-1/2""
Diameter of cherry: 3-1/4"

Large: $240.
Overall height (including stem): 10-1/2""
Diameter of cherry: 3-3/4"" 

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