Ceorfan: LED Floor Lamp

Designer: Chuck Krause

Carved, clear acrylic rods make this floor lamp a dynamic focal point in any room. All five of the rods can be rotated for a different look. Dimmable.

Overall height (including base): 60" (custom heights available).
Base: black 10" x 10" x 1-1/2".

Limited Time: Free Shipping in the United States*.
Made to order, please allow 1 week to ship.
Shipped in two separate packages.

Signed on the bottom. Can be used on carpeted or bare floors (includes cushioned pads). Low voltage. LEDs last 50,000 hours. Contents include five acrylic rods, base and power supply. Simple assembly: insert rods, plug-in power and turn on.

Indoor use only. One-year from the date of purchase.

About this piece...the name Ceorfan is derived from Old English ceorfan: "to cut, cut down, to carve, cut out, engrave." 

*(Not including Alaska and Hawaii)