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Parking and Weather

Posted on February 09, 2014 by Chuck Krause | 0 comments

from the Observer & Eccentric. Written by Jay Grossman, Staff Writer
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"Winter weather creates extra challenges for local retailers"
Have a heart and shop local for Valentine’s Day. Michigan retailers could certainly use the business. Aside from a run on shovels and snow blowers, most of them are buried under an avalanche of lousy weather and the ever-growing presence of online sales. continue reading

"Birmingham shop owners make case for more parking"
Richard Astrein has been around Birmingham long enough to know the downtown shopping district could use more parking.What he doesn’t want to see is an increase in the monthly parking permits to finance new parking spots.“We have employees who need to park, plus we pay into a parking assessment – so it becomes a double whammy,” said Astrein. continue reading



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