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Free Press: Rebel Nell jewelry
July 07, 2014

View the article in Free Press about the line of Rebel Nell jewelry we carry here. "They chose the name Rebel Nell. It’s an homage to Eleanor Roosevelt, who affectionately was called “Nell” by her father and who broke out...

Bricks at the BluArch
April 06, 2014

Detroit brick art builds on city's past Want a chance to own a piece of Detroit or Highland Park?If so, you may be intrigued by these bricks, taken from deconstructed buildings in Detroit and Highland Park and hand-decorated with iconic...

A Parodist Who Calls Himself "Hanksy"
February 17, 2014
In April 2011, a law school dropout in Bushwick, Brooklyn, newly arrived from the Midwest, had an idea that he thought might make a splash. He admired the street artist Banksy; he grew up on the movies of Tom Hanks. Why not mash up the two?